Mind Maps

On the Thursday 23rd February, we started are Final Major Project or in short FMP. We spent a lot of time yesterday, discussing what is entailed in the FMP and also worked collaboratively in groups to write down what this project means to each other as well as help each other coming up with ideas. In the afternoon session, we worked on producing mind maps on potential avenues we wanted to go down. The most important thing about the course is that we have the freedom to direct it where we want and can decide on our own personal themes. We could explore techniques we have never tried before, pick a subject that we really feel passionate about. Furthermore, If we know where to look, we could turn it into a live project, where we get paid, or use it to learn and develop the appropriate skills for a university course, apprenticeship or Job that we want to go into. I personally want part of my FMP to learn the relevant skills towards doing an apprenticeship. I am currently looking at doing a print finishing apprenticeship, so I will look at involving printing processes as well as look at book binding, qualities and weights of paper and print finishes of final work. Apart from that, need to focus my work on a theme, which will be focused around animals and nature. One of my many interests are patterns and wall murals, where I can use nature and animals as inspiration for my patterns and murals, from fauna to floral related to scenic landscapes. Patterns is one of the things I specialize in, with a strong focus on that in my Design To Sell project.

My Mind Map


At a later stage after the think pair share exercise, with some idea of a sense of direction, I compile a mind map of my action plan.


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