Speed Thinking

In the afternoon session on Friday, The class was set a “Speed Thinking” exercise, which involved each member of the class to pair up with another member of class to pitch their idea. One would pitch their idea whilst the other person would listen and give suggestions on how to improve their concept. This all had to be done within a set time limit, giving us two minutes thirty seconds to do all that, before switching roles. As soon as both people in the pair have pitched their idea and received advice, we had to move by two chairs to the left to pitch to the next person. They did a kind of conveyor belt system when pairing us up, to ensure we don’t end up pitching to a person we already have pitched to. We had to pitch to in total four members of the class, then afterwards pick the three key points out all the suggestions made by the four members of the class. I pitched my three potential brief plans in order of preference. Every person I pitched my ideas to said that brief A “Creating A Swatch Book” was the best idea, which was great, as that was the idea I wanted to pursue. The three key points made, out of all the suggestions were, “Play With Typography”, “Design A Swatch Book That Is Stylish” and “Look At Independent Artists That Sell Natural Oriented Prints and Products”. I think that these are all very good suggestions which I intend to follow, which I believe will benefit my research and ultimately my final outcome.

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