End of Week Review – 10 of March

So far I have been compiling more ideas, working on a plan A, B and C, to ensure that there are a couple of back up plans, in case my preferred plan does not work out. This will help me make sure that I am all prepared for this project. To aid with my inspiration, I have created two mood boards, with one being a procrastination mood board, where I put in images of things that I like, that is relevant to a project I have in mind. The second mood board I made, was based on natural textures, selecting images of natural stone paths, vegetation, fruit slices, feathers, shells and other organic forms. These images did not only shown natural textures, but also beautiful patterns, including those showing the Fibonacci sequence. All in all. I am happy to now have a plan A, B and C, as well as gain some inspiration from the mood boards I created. The next thing I need to work on now is developing an action plan, my project proposal, my idea generation record sheet, as well as start on Harvard Referencing.

I have also started going to Plymouth Music Zone, going to “Sound Track” on Wednesdays and “Digital Orchestra” on Thursdays. Both sessions are only a hour long. the Wednesday session is from 11.30 am to 12.30 pm and the Thursday session is from 10.30 am to 11.30 pm. I luckily got permission to go to the digital orchestra session, so that I can focus on developing my music. The reason behind this is not only learn about producing electrical music as a hobby, but to supplement my Final Major Project, producing a sound tract, where patterns will move to the beats and bass lines .

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