Innovation Challenge

Image result for fibonacci spiral
Fibonacci Spiral

On the Wednesday 15th March, I had my first Innovation Challenge workshop with Sarah Moore. There we had discussion about ways of creating art using maths. In that discussion, we cover how the Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Ratio can be used in the composition of an art work, especially how it can be used in drawing buildings, characters etc, determining the placement of features, such eyes, breasts and other features. I had a look at how the Fibonacci Sequence effects composition of music, whether it is through the timing of music, the notes played and how the notes are played. I had a discussion with Sarah on that matter, however, I still find it hard to understand at the moment. I will mainly concentrate on creating patterns for my swatch book using the Fibonacci Sequence. Other maths we looked at was geometry and fractals. I will need to do some more research into the Fibonacci Sequence, The Golden Ratio, Phi as well as Fractals, to understand them better, to use it more effectively and accurately in my patterns.

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