Kamal’s Speech

I found Kamal’s pitch did show what the Agency was fully capable of, demonstrating high professionalism and success. He had strong visual evidence of work completed by their undergraduates and graduates employees, for big companies and organisations, including the more recent Sherford Development, designing the graphics for their logo and what they stand for. The only critique I have is that I wished he explained in more detail about what they do in the agency, including the three potential positions for the internship, elaborating on what roles would be given if we got the position and what would be expected of us, considering the fact that we are pre degree students, which do not necessarily have all the skills that some undergraduates and graduates have, yet. It was good that he showed the work his student employees produced, however, I was not keen on the fact that he spent most of the time in the session, showing us almost an overload of professional work. I would rather he had explained how he could get us to that professional standard that he has so clearly demonstrated and seeks, in the presentation.

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