Pitch Proposal

I intend to create a swatch book of different patterns that I will design, themed on nature, animal print and floral designs. Furthermore, mathematics will play a major role in the composition of my patterns, using both the Fibonacci Sequence, as well as geometry and the repetition of pattern. The Innovation Challenge is one of the competitions alongside the Pitching Competition, that I want to take part in, so I thought, as maths often can play a major role in pattern design, that I would make it my goal to use maths to influence the composition of my patterns designs. I want to connect nature, maths and pattern together, by studying and experimenting with ways of creating pattern from the shapes of nature, and therefore composing these shapes into patterns influenced by rules and methods in maths.

This concept for my Final Major Project “Connecting With Maths, Nature and Pattern”, derived from my “Design To Sell” project. There I developed designs for both the back and front of my own origami paper, specifically designed for the Origami Chinese Vase, which I used as a creative, original form of sweet container, which I sold at my pop up store. I believed that this concept would be something fun, yet challenging, coming up with different arrangements of patterns and colours, that would inspire and appear attractive to other people and creative practitioners. The inspiration for these designs was mainly paisley patterns found online, which I put into a mood board. Even in that project, I look at maths related artists, exploring the work of Escher, Bridget Riley and Victor Vassarely, who were fantastic Op artists. Furthermore, a lot of research was done into fractal art, which again is a maths related art, which at the time seem too complicated. However, my F.M.P. is an 18 week long project, so if I do want to l explore fractal art again for my swatch book, I shall have the time to dedicate to it. The Design to Sell project gave me a lot of joy, as it enabled me to explore what I am passionate about, which is pattern and colour. I created patterns in the form of mandalas, as a form of relaxation, deriving from Buddhism. I would start with a basic shape in the middle, then extending slowly outwards with more complex designs. My Final Major Project will enable me to extend from the Design to Sell project, embracing my passion for pattern and colour, putting this positive energy into developing new beautiful dynamic designs, to inspire other Creative Practitioners and brighten interiors of buildings. My ultimate goal is to have a professionally designed and printed swatch book, that can be sold in stores like Waterstones, Homebase and B&Q. Inspiring, budding home decorators, interior designers as well as, fashion, textile and print students. This is my dream and I will work hard to achieve this dream.

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