FMP Think – Pair – Share

I had to pair up with a student I was not familiar with and both had to share are project concepts. One person would talk for ten minutes, with the other writing down on the sheet, ensuring the interviewee has answered all the questions. It was the job of the interviewer to listen, note and give suggestions of ideas to follow through. At the end of the ten minutes, the pair would switch roles, with the interviewer being the interviewee for the next ten minutes. I honestly felt that we more or less just explained are concepts, with little input of suggestions. I personally found it difficult to come up with suggestions, as my partner’s theme was all about make up and make up artists, which I did not have any clue of what so ever. However, I did manage come up with some suggestions, encouraging her to look at using the school technology, such as the laser cutter, to cut and engrave her packaging design. I also suggested perhaps to do a photography shoot of the women using her brand as well as creating an advert. I explained my concept to her in detail and answered all the question, but unfortunately, she could not come up with any suggestions. On the other hand, it was good to refresh my concept in my head, giving me the chance to review the materials, techniques and processes, as well as think about the potential possibilities for my concept.


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