Pitching Competition

Pitching Competition

I have been working on the pitching presentation in the last week before the date of the pitching competition, on Wednesday 29th March. As the pitch was about my “Final Major Project”, I needed to show examples of current work I am working on, including the wallpaper design I made. As the my Final Major Project derived from the Design To Sell project, I did a couple of slides, demonstrating the link between the projects, as well as the ideas coming off from the Design To Sell project. I am using and developing further the pattern designs I was creating for my origami sweets pots in Design To Sell, into more complex math’s inspired pattern designs for interior decoration and textile design.

As well as showing examples of my work, I need to show the panel what skills I have to offer, so I made four slides, with each slide dedicated to a particular skill. My skills were in “The Adobe Suit”, “Illustration”, “Photography” and “Packaging, Origami & Paper Craft”. On my skill slides, I wrote down about my skills and how I use it in my work, alongside photographic evidence of my work and my skills at work.

I created a couple of slides based on my why I decided to go with patterns, as well as the inspiration behind the ideas, in particular, the “Fibonacci Sequence”. Finally, the last slides sums up why I want the position and how it would help me develop my professional conduct as a creative practitioner and give me the edge,when an employer is looking for potential candidates for a design apprenticeship or job, because I would have valuable work experience in a professional design environment.

I checked the presentation for spelling mistakes and practised my pitch to develop confidence and remember everything I want to say. I even print out the designs for the Origami Sweet Pots I made for “Design To Sell” and made them into origami pots to demonstrate my skills in origami and how it can be used in packaging design. The wallpaper I was working on for the Innovation Challenge was printed, printing out the individual tiles and positioning them together like a puzzle, to create a large piece of wallpaper. Four copies of the presentation was printed for the panel of four to keep to look at in the future to remind them of me.

On Wednesday 29th March, at 1:50 pm was my slot to pitch my idea and show my presentation. At first I was really nervous and found it hard to keep a consistent flow. However, when it got to talking about Design To Sell, I demonstrated my origami sweet pots, which the panel really liked and broke the ice. From them on I was far more excited and explained more passionately my ideas and the inspiration behind them. At the end of the pitch, they were all quite happy and ask me several questions about my inspiration for the project and how I intend to develop the idea further. After question time, they gave me feedback on my pitch, saying that they liked the fact that I was so passionate about the work I do and that my idea came across very comprehensive. However, they did say that I need to be aware of my spelling, as I accidentally missed a spelling mistake when proof reading the presentation. They also said that I need to make my designs more contemporary, as my “Fibonacci Sunflower” looked more retro with the orange yellow and beige colour schemes. They made me aware that I should hand out a copy of the presentation after the pitch to take away, rather than give them to the panel at the beginning. Furthermore, they believe that the effects on the presentation were more of a distraction, preferring that the information came up straight away.

When everyone had finished their pitch, they got us together and had a group chat, congratulating us on our pitches, saying we all did well and have made it difficult for them to choose. Their was five of us in total and three positions up for grabs. They said they would make us aware of the verdict by email on Friday 31st March. On Friday, I unfortunately found I was not given the internship, but granted me a one day work placement in the Agency, which at least is something that would benefit my CV. I was sad I was not chosen, but having that one day placement softened the blow. I was up against some amazing candidates, so it is no surprise that they would be chosen over me, however, life goes on and will continue to seek other opportunities.

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