Week Review – 21/04/2017

So far I continuing with my research into artists for inspiration. I want to finish off my research this week, before I start again on Wednesday, as I need to start on my designs. I only have six weeks left to turn this around, so I need to get a move on, other wise I run the risk of not completing my final piece in time. Unfortunately, I am running behind on my time plan, and am now trying to catch up, which was not helped by the fact that allot of other things had happened in the previous term and holiday that delayed my work, but life happens and throws unexpected surprises, as well as unexpected tasks set before by tutors, when trying to catch up with the work. But hopefully I can nail this research over the next few days and be ready to start my designs on Wednesday. I am still continuing my music sessions on Thursday and on planning on getting a MIDI Keyboard for the laptop to create the music. I do have to be realistic, as it would be a big task to produce a good quality song on top of a swatch book, within 6 weeks, so I do need to prioritise the swatch book. If I still have time, then I will continue to work on my track to go along with a simple pattern animation.

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