Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston, Blossom Scented Drawers

Catherine Isabel Audrey, aka “Cath Kidston”, MBE, is a British fashion designer, businesswoman and author, was born 6th November 1958. Cath Kidston has her own company called “Cath Kidston Limited”, selling home furnishings and other related goods, through shops, online and by mail order. She is renown for her homely floral patterns as well as for her books. She was raised in Andover, in Hampshire, attending a number of English boarding schools, before moving to London at the age of 18. She work for socialite Nicky Haslam, before setting up her own interiors business with a friend, opening her first shop in London’s Holland Park 1993. Kidston sold hand-embroidered tea towels and brightly renovated furniture, which she later refereed to her shop as a “Glorified Junk Shop”. By 2013, she had 136 outlets, including her flagship store at Piccadilly, next to Fortnum and Mason.

Cath Kidston wallpaper design do look very homely and delicate, a beautiful example of the use of nature in repeat pattern. This is a simpler more contemporary approach to designing floral wallpapers, in comparison to the much darker intricate floral designs William Morris designed in the Victorian ere. If I want to explore creating some more floral patterns designs to meet both the pattern and nature aspect of my project, Cath Kidston work would be a great example of contemporary floral design to inspire my work. What also is appealing is the her use of a limited colour palette as well as simplifying the tonal range into basic shapes. This kind of design reminds me of the colour separation workshop I did with Jake, working with a limited colour palette, separating the segments of the design into different colour groups. This kind of design could be created using the silk screen process, which is an avenue I can explore when designing and making my patterns for my swatch book.

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