Fred Tomaselli

Fred Tomaselli – Starling – 2010 – Photo Collage, Acrylic and Resin on Wood Panel – 80 x 80 inches

Fred Tomaselli is an American artist, born in Santa Monica, California in 1956. He is best known for his highly detailed paintings on wood panels, which combines a diverse range of unusual materials, suspended in a layer of clear thick epoxy resin. He gets inspiration from art historical sources and Western and Eastern decorative traditions. From this he creates mesmerising patterns, appearing to grow organically within his work. It is the fact of his mesmerising patterns and organic forms that links him so well to my project brief, including vitally the nature and pattern aspect of my brief.

He has established an international reputation for his complexly made, richly detailed, really beautiful works of both abstract and figurative art. His work does have an element psychedelia, with the use of exuberant colour schemes as well as the shapes and layout of the work. Tomaselli use of pattern and colour excites me, especially in his “Starling” painting, which has a beautiful range of self-contained patterns. These aspects of this painting as well as other paintings he completed can be used as sources of inspiration for my wallpaper designs. I can take certain patterns from the painting, which would look good as a repeat pattern for a wallpaper, which “Starling” in particular has lots of pattern ideas to play around with.

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