Sarah Morris


Sarah Morris Painting Academia Militar Rio Art Brazil Abstract
Sarah Morris, Academia Militar [Rio], 2013, Household Gloss Paint on Canvas, 214 x 214 cm
Sarah Morris is an American Artist, born 20th June 1967, in Sevenoaks, Kent, England and now works in New York and London. She is well known for her paintings and film. From the mid 1990s, Sarah Morris explored making abstract paintings and films to investigate what she describes as “Urban, Social and Bureaucratic Typologies”. This is a series of work, based on the close inspection of architectural details, as well as the critical sensitivity of each city’s psychology and it key protagonists. She started he career making Graphic paintings. Adapting the dramatic, emotive language used in newspaper and advertising tag lines. Morris created her paintings using household gloss paint on square canvases, working with all over grids that reference architectural motifs, signs or urban views. The painting above is from Sarah Morris’s latest series of work about Rio De Janeiro, depicting the different sides of such a contradictory city, from its highly musical and colourful nation, to its urban sprawl.

I personally find it difficult to see these elements in her abstract work, apart from perhaps her colour palette, reflecting on colours of Rio, especially in the carnival. The reason why I like her work and find it inspiring, is the way she works with grids and block colour, creating geometric based abstract works. This style of work gives me scope to work with maths, to created maths orientated pattern outcomes. I could work with the Fibonacci Sequence and combine it with Sarah Morris’s style of work, to create strong maths related outcomes. Furthermore, I can try to design the abstract patterns to reflect on shapes and forms found in nature, combining my three themes together, as part of my Project brief, “Combing Maths, Nature and Pattern”.

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