Victor Vasarely

Vega-Nor – Victor Vasarely 1969 Acrylic on Canvas 200x200cm.

Victor Vasarely was a Hungarian/French artist, born in Pecs Hungary and died 15 March 1997, aged 90, in France. He was well known for his associations with the Op Art Movement, as well as for his paintings and sculptures. His work was influenced by Constructivism, Cubism and Surrealism, he uniquely transformed nature into geometric shapes and vibrant, contrasting colours. He was the pioneer of kinetic art, with his work showing a powerful optical illusion of movement. Physic, Biochemistry and Magnetic Fields was his inspiration, which discovered from his studies into medicine at the Budapest’s School of Medicine in 1925. He turned away from art in the beginning to pursue studies in the sciences. However, in 1927, he decided to suspend his studies into medicine to pursue a career in art, using what he learnt from science and medicine in composition and design of his artwork.

His work to me is absolutely amazing, with the way he achieves energy of movement and three dimensional looking form in his work. The bright juxtaposing colours also excite me as a bold funky design that I would love to have on my wall. There is definitely something that I could take from his work, working on my own vibrant patterns, carefully drawing out shapes and pick suitable colours to achieve that a three dimensional effect, creating an op art inspired wallpaper or series of wallpaper.

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