Nature Contextual Moodboard

I created two mood boards of images of natural forms that would give me inspiration for my pattern designs. My research varied from the wings of butterflies, the formation of plants and leaves, bird feather patterns, geodes, corals, as well as sliced fruit and veg. Nature has many beautiful patterns, interesting curved shapes and elegant arrays of colour, which aspects can be turned into trendy organic inspired wallpapers. Fortunately, the current trend for wallpapers is neutral colour schemes in other words natural colour schemes, with shades of brown, cream, green and beige. My most favourite source of patterns is from butterflies, colourful shells, feathers and plants, as they are beautiful and provide me with a wealth of inspiration to create a range of contemporary wallpaper designs that will give that essence of nature within the home environment. I will carefully study both mood boards when creating each design, picking out what I feel are the best elements that would work well together as a pattern. I will also look at the other mood boards I created, of both artist’s work as well as the research into contemporary interior design and trends, taking aspects from all of these as I see fit. This will help me ensure I design nature inspired wallpapers, that connect to the artists I researched as well as ensure that the wallpaper fits with the current trend.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 16.25.49
Nature Contextual Mood Board 1
Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 16.26.08
Nature Contextual Mood Board 2

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