Possible Materials,Props and Space That I Would Need For The Exhibition

I had an idea about having a form of booth, 1 metre x 2 metre, where I could furnish the walls of the booth, with my best wallpaper design. Furthermore, I thought it would be good to furnish the booth with a table, two chairs , a plant and picture to make it homely. I will place my swatch book on the table for people to look at and hopefully get inspired. I would like to make a questionnaire for the class, to look at my designs I pick on the six best designs. I am currently considering if it would be worth printing the most popular designs to be sold in the exhibition, but the issue is cost, as it would be quite expensive to print a roll on the 44 inch wide format printer in PCA, Costing £17 for an AO sheet. The average size roll of wallpaper is around 33ft (10mtrs) long and 21″ (535mm) wide. The Epson Double Weight Matt, would be the closest to wallpaper, which is still quite expensive. The price I would have to charge to make some profit would be around £20, which people will not pay. I also researched wallpaper printing companies, such as JW Walls, which could cost me £143 just to cover the facing wall of the booth, which is Height 2.4 metres and Width 2 metres, which for an exhibition is far much, considering I have very little money. I may have to consider printing from my printer at home, joining the tiles myself by hand, which would be the most inexpensive way, costing me only the paper and ink cartridges. The print quality is quite good on my printer at home, so it should be alright, but will involve allot of work, cutting out the individual tiles accurately, then joining them together neatly.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 14.42.40
Screenshot of price list, from The Print Lab, for the 44 inch wide format printer.


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