Research Into Ways of Showing My Work

As part of my research, I looked at shop windows to get different perspectives on how to show my designs. I saw this image online, which seemed a perfect example of how to set out interior design. Below, DIT final year students of Interior Design were showcasing their work in Arnotts windows on Henry Street. The room settings they have designed are based on the 2015 Crown Paint colours, and the windows was on display from 26 January for three weeks. This attracted allot of peoples attention and were allowed to pick their favourite colour trend and designs. I wanted to present my wallpaper designs in a similar fashion, covering the back and side walls of my allocated booth. I would be based in one corner of the exhibition, with one stud wall to create a booth. If I can’t be based in the corner, I would require two stud walls to create the booth. As mentioned earlier, I would like the booth to be 2 metres in width and the stud walls to stick out by a metre. to fill with the necessary furnishings.,107262,en.html

DIT final year students of Interior Design are showcasing their work in Arnotts windows on Henry Street – January 2015

As an alternative, I could have my designs printed in square tiles, on the wall of my space in the exhibition, similar to the image below. The image below effectively show different blind designs. I can create something similar showing my own wallpaper designs. All I simply need is a table with a nice cloth over it, to present my swatch book, for the people to look through.


The image below I got from Grand Designs Excel Exhibition 2009, which shows a great example of a way to present multiple wallpaper designs. I can print off multiple tiles of each wallpaper design from my printer at home. I join them very carefully to create long banners, which can hang down from the wall in my space in the exhibition for people to see. I would select the best wallpaper from each series to hang. The public can view the rest of the designs in my swatch book which will rest on a table in front of the hanging designs. I want my space to look stylish and contemporary, so I want furniture that looks quite stylish to be within the booth, with my wallpaper designs as the backdrop. I will hunt around my home and the college for furniture.

Wallpaper from Designer Paint Ltd.

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