Fibonacci Flare Series

The Fibonacci Flare Series was my very first series of patterns and was the most maths orientated designs, creating these patterns specifically for the Innovation challenge. It all started out with my first two designs of this series, which were Fire Flare and Golden Sunflower. I created these designs digitally for the sake of accuracy, creating, multiplying and rotating to set numbers and equations influenced by the Fibonacci sequence and the golden spiral. Golden Sunflower was the designed I entered, as the design strongly combined maths, nature and pattern, with the centre of the spirals resembling sunflowers. I wanted the centre to stand out, which is the reason why I made the outer spiral paler. Fortunately, I was given first prize in the Innovation Challenge, as they were impressed with the amount of maths that went into the designs. These designs would make a nice wallpaper, with multiple colours to choose from. However, The designs also would look good as a floor tile and can also see them potentially being used as a textile pattern. The fact that my designs can be used in multiple different designs markets comes to an advantage, with better opportunity to get my designs out into world. It would be a proud moment to see people wearing and decorating their homes with my designs.

Blood Red

1 Blood Red

Citrous Orange

1 Citrious Orange

Electric Blue

1 Electric Blue

Fire Flare

1 Fire Flare


1 Golden Sunflower


1 Graphite

Leaf Green

1 Leaf Green

Lemon Yellow

1 Lemon


1 Velvet

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