Bird Series

This series was purely an experiment, to incorporate my bird photography into my wallpaper designs. The birds were carefully cut out from the background of my shots in Photoshop, using the magnetic lasso tool and feathered the edges. A cartoon filter was applied onto the bird, to make them appear as if they were hand illustrated. As I wanted the attention to be on the bird, I kept the background plain. The wallpapers were labelled with the species of bird/birds, so that people would know what they are. These designs are purely about nature and repeat pattern, giving people a choice to pick their favourite feathered friends to have on their wall. My favourite is the wallpaper of the Sparrow, as he/she looks a bold cheeky chap.


7 Birds

Coal Tit

7 Coal Tit


7 Jay


7 Sparrow

Sparrow 2

7 Sparrow 2.jpg

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