Chaos Series

This design was created from an unexpected outcome, by accidentally clicking on “Multiple” in the layer filters drop down menu. This made all the shapes transparent, merging so  many shapes together, creating this chaos on the canvas, hence the reason why it is called the Chaos Series. The designs originally started as my five point nautilus spiral, as seen in the Nautilus Multi Tone Series and the Nautilus Simple Series. However, by making them transparent, it created this beautiful chaos of shapes. What is particularly interesting  is the centre of each of the spirals, which appears like broken glass with a bullet hole in the centre. The image was repeated, with the hue and saturation changed each time, creating a vibrant array bold colours, with the saturation up high. This is one of my favourite accidental experiments.

Blue Chaos

6 Blue Chaos

Chromatic Chaos

6 Brown Chaos

Dark Yellow Chaos

6 Dark Yellow Chaos

Emerald Chaos

6 Emerald Chaos

Luminous Green Chaos

6 Luminous Green Chaos

Pink Chaos

6 Pink Chaos

Red Chaos

6 Red Chaos

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