Feather Series

This series was my first hand illustrated series and my biggest series, using images I drawn and scanned onto my computer. This series also has the largest variety of designs, in comparison to the other series I have produced, taking the longest period time to produce. I did dozens of illustrations of natural forms including feathers, ferns, leaves and flowers. I wanted the next few series to be purely based on nature and repeat pattern, as I have produce quite a few maths oriented series. In this series I focused on patterns of feathers, creating many different arrangements, from subtle simple feather compositions, to more elaborate peacock feather displays. The most contemporary design is Soft White, with a simple composition of white feathers against a silver background. Infinite feather tunnels is a good optical illusion, leading your eyes down these infinite tunnels, but I don’t feel that it would be something that someone would want on the wall, as it could make people feel unsettled in a room. Peacock Feather diamonds is quite complex, yet very beautiful. This pattern however would look better perhaps as a book cover of textile pattern, than a wallpaper, as it is very busy.

Black and White

8 Black and White

Feathers of Brown

8 Feather of Brown

Feathers of Cream

8 Feathers and Cream

Feathers in Darkness

8 Feathers In Darkness

Feathers in Squares

8 Feathers In Squares

Feathers of Brightness

8 Feathers of Brightness

Feathers of Chrome

8 Feathers of Chrome

Infinite Feather Tunnels

8 Infinite Feather Tunnels

Peacock Feather Diamonds Cream

8 Peacock Feathers Cream

Peacock Feather Diamonds Green

8 Peacock Feathers Green.jpg

Peacock Feather Diamonds  Purple

8 Peacock Feathers Purple


8 Peacock

Plump Cream

8 Plump Cream

Soft White

8 Soft White

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