Flora Series

The Flora Series is my next biggest series, using illustrations of leaves and flowers. This series was the most successful, with one design in particular getting a very good response. “Ferns” is the one design out of the hundred different designs I produced that was voted the best, through my questionnaire and by word of mouth. This design encompasses the greenery of nature and is a effective contemporary repeat pattern. The other two favourites were Indian Flowers White and Leaf Repeat Green. Leaf Repeat Green is the most contemporary design, following the current trend of wallpaper design. I am most pleased with this series, as the experiments with my leaf and flower illustrations has worked well as repeats, with patterns that I would be prepared to have on my own wall.

Autumn Leaves

9 Autumn Leaves

Simple Fern Repeat

9 Fern Repeat


9 Ferns

Fibonacci Leaf Clusters

9 Fibonacci Leaf Clusters

Flower Chaos

9 Flower Chaos

Indian Flowers Cream

9 Indian Flower Cream

Indian Flowers White

9 Indian Flower White

Leaf Repeat Cream

9 Leaf Repeat Cream.jpg

Leaf Repeat Green

9 Leaf Repeat Green.jpg


9 Leaves.jpg


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