Flower Power Series

The Flower Power series follow similar principles to the Fibonacci Flare Series, creating a spiral from a select number of golden spirals, influenced by numbers of the Fibonacci Sequence. The flowers that make up the pattern, are simpler versions of the spirals that make up the Fibonacci Flare Series. The Fibonacci Flare series is made of two sets of 13 golden spirals cross hatching, whilst the flowers in this series is made from two sets of 8 golden spirals cross hatching. What is striking about the design is that the centre of the spiral looks like the centre of a flower, plus with the petal like shapes on the outside, it looks very aesthetically pleasing and floral. I focused on creating six different colour flowers to use and play around with different colour schemes, including rainbow, warm colours and cool colour schemes. When creating this design, I was inspired by the Hawaii garland, evoking the sense of being on holiday, whether it is flowers of a warm colour scheme, reminding you of those sunny beaches, or flowers of a cool colour scheme, evoking the sense of a peaceful retreat, next to a beautiful lake. I reflect on this with the names I chosen for the designs.

Blue Lake

2 Blue Lake


2 Cool

Pink Blossom

2 Pink Blossom


2 Rainbow

Sunny Beach

2 Sunny Beach


2 Tropical

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