Nautilus Illustration Series

This has a direct connection to the Fibonacci sequence, with my inspiration being the famous fibonacci nautilus shell, a shell that is deemed to be perfectly in proportion with the Fibonacci Golden Spiral. This shell was first drawn digitally on my computer, within the 13 golden spiral design, using the crosshatched grid as a guide in placing the individual cells within the shell. When I had the basic black outline, I saved it as a template, which I printed out and coloured by hand, applying similar patterns to that are seen on the Nautilus shell. I wanted the shell to look dynamic, by merging the intricate cell system within the shell, with the beautiful pattern on the outside of the shell. When I had filled the shell with the pattern by hand, I scanned it back into the computer, selected the patterns by colour with the magic wand, before block filling them with the colour using the eye dropper, then the paint bucket. Using guides on Photoshop, I positioned the shells carefully and accurately to ensure they repeat well and are symmetrical. I did had a few issues in the beginning to get them to repeat, reshuffling them often, until the tiles line up perfectly. When I made my first successful repeat pattern of this series, I made multiple copies altering the hue of each design. I then had a series of designs with a choice of colour scheme to suit everyone. I am really pleased with these designs, because of their powerful bond with nature, mathematics and pattern.

Deep Blue

3 Deep Blue


3 Green.png


3 Monochrome

Pink Flare

3 Pink Flare


3 Purple

Red Flare

3 Red Flare

Sea Blues

3 Sea Blues

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