Nautilus Spiral Multi Tone Series

This is a more complex version of the Nautilus Simple Series, using multi tone gradients within background of the shell as well as in the circles within the shell. The aim is to create a three dimensional effect, contrasting the inner shadow with the outer glow of the shell. This should hopefully create an illusion of the shells appearing to protrude out from the wall. Once I made the first image of this series, I replicated the image, altering the hue and saturation each time. Now I have got a series of colours, in which people can pick their favourite colour of this particular design. There has been moments were the multiple tones removed the definition of shapes, merging them into the background. The clearest version of this design is Brown Multi Tone, which really stands out. However, the design with the least definition is the Yellow Multi Tone, with little contrast between the shapes.

Brown Multi Tone

5 Brown Sample

Dark Blue Multi Tone

5 Dark Blue Sample

Graphite Multi Tone

5 Graphite Sample

Green Multi Tone

5 Green Sample

Orange Multi Tone

5 Orange Sample

Pink Multi Tone

5 Pink Sample

Purple Multi Tone

5 Purple Sample

Red Multi Tone

5 Red Sample

Turquoise Multi Tone

5 Turquoise Sample

Yellow Multi Tone

5 Yellow Sample

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