Nautilus Spiral Simple Series

This series is called the Nautilus Simple Series, as the spiral nautilus shell patterns, have a simple two tone colour scheme. The only colour gradient is in the background of the main shapes. This was an experiment that worked out well, turning my nautilus shell illustrations into a beautiful spiral. The quantity of nautilus shells in the spiral are influenced by a number in the Fibonacci sequence, which in this case is five. To get the exact angle to rotate the nautilus shell by, I divided 360 degrees by five, giving me forty five degrees as the angle to work with. The designs in the previous series appeared very flat, so I wanted to create a kind of illusion that separates the nautilus shells and lifts them off the page. To achieve that effect, I applied drop shadow, which worked well giving the design a more three dimensional effect. Overall, I think this series is a beautiful twist from the original Nautilus Illustration Series.

Simple Blue

4 Simple Blue Sample


Simple Brown

4 Simple Brown Sample

Simple Dark Blue

4 Simple Dark Blue Sample

Simple Graphite

4 Simple Graphite Sample

Simple Green

4 Simple Green Sample

Simple Lime

4 Simple Lime Sample

Simple Orange

4 Simple Orange Sample

Simple Pink

4 Simple Pink Sample

Simple PurpleĀ 

4 Simple Purple Sample

Simple Red

4 Simple Red Sample

Simple Turquoise

4 Simple Turquoise Sample


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