Self Reflection on Progress

I have progress very well, with a final outcome that meet the specification of my FMP proposal. The patterns designed do combine Maths, Nature and Pattern successfully and has been shown in a swatch book format as specified in the proposal. I did not complete the music piece, but I compensated that with my origami pot and six posters of my best pattern designs. Towards the later stage of the project, I did begin to full behind on the work that I set out to do in my action plan, as the necessary research as well as the time took to make all the designs taken longer than I expected. However, through making good crucial decisions, I managed to find less time-consuming ways of producing and printing the book, with time left over to make and print posters of my designs and the origami pot. There has certainly been times where I thought I might not get all the work done by the deadlines, but thanks to the helpful advice and encouragement of peers and tutors, I managed to get the work done on time, at the professional standard I aimed for.

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