Vasarely Fibonacci Range

The Vasarely Fibonacci Series combines both the influence of Victor Vasarely and Fibonacci, arranging multiple Vasarely flowers along the line of the Golden Spiral. The quantity of swirls within the spiral are also dictated by a number within the Fibonacci Sequence, the number “8”. Maths is the main focus, using the theory of the mathematically legend, Fibonacci to influence the creation of my pattern. The Spirals are beautiful and personally, I feel that this series would be brilliant as a pattern for waistcoats, as the pattern itself is very elaborate. I did not want to have two many colours, so I limited the colour palette to two colours, using both a mix complimentary and consecutive colours.


11 Vassarely Fibonacci Blue Sample


11 Vassarely Fibonacci Green Sample


11 Vassarely Fibonacci Purple Sample


11 Vassarely Fibonacci Yellow Sample


11Vassarely Fibonacci Orange Sample

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