Vasarely Flower Psychedelic Range

This is my last series, which is my most psychedelic series of patterns out of twelve series I produced. They are very colourful and after a while can play with your eyes. I not completely certain if a person would want such a psychedelic pattern on the wall, as some people may not be able to settle in a room well when faced with a psychedelic wallpaper. This pattern would be best suited for patterns for clothing as well as some interior furnishings, like pillow covers. The pattern was created using all the nine different colour Vasarely flowers, layered on top of eachother. I slightly shrunk each flower as I add each layer, creating a rainbow of colours, of what appears to look like wind spinners.

Psychedelic Rainbow

12 Vassarely Fibonacci Rainbow Sample

Psychedelic Blue

12 Vassarely Flowers Phych Blue Sample

Psychedelic Dark Blue

12 Vassarely Flowers Phych Dark Blue Sample

Psychedelic Green

12 Vassarely Flowers Phych Green Sample

Psychedelic Orange

12 Vassarely Flowers Phych Orange Sample

Psychedelic Red

12 Vassarely Flowers Phych Red Sample

Psychedelic Pink

12 Vassarely Flowers Phych Pink Sample

Psychedelic Yellow

12 Vassarely Flowers Phych Yellow Sample

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