Vasarely Flower Series

The Vasarely Flower Series is influenced by the work of Victor Vasarely, in particular Vega-Nor – 1967. I created the optical illusion of a three dimensional dome, with the warping of the lines and a tonal gradient from bright highlights to dark shadow detail. I made the dome in Illustrator, placing it in the centre of the Fibonacci flowers, used in the Flower Power Series, creating a new three dimensional looking flower that will make Victor Vasarely proud. To achieve the neon effect, I simply inverted the colours of the flower, creating a beautiful negative image of the design. This is a highly elaborate and vibrant pattern, which would not be suitable for wallpaper, but perhaps for dresses, clothes, as well as textiles for interior furnishings. These are maths orientated patterns, with a essence of nature and a elaborate example of a pattern.


10 Fibonacci Vassarely Flower Orange Sample


10 Fibonacci Vassarely Flower Yellow Sample


10 Inverted Vassarely Flower Blue Sample


10 Inverted Vassarely Flower Green Sample

Grey Scale

10 Inverted Vassarely Flower Greyscale


10 Inverted Vassarely Flower Neon.jpg


10 Inverted Vassarely Flower Purple


10 Inverted Vassarely Flower Red Sample

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