Victor Vasarely Comparison

Victor Vasarely is one of my favourite artists, who has had a great influence on my work, especially in the Inverted Vasarely Flower Series, Vasarely Fibonacci Series as well as the Vasarely Flower Psychedelic Series. Our work connects because we both use vibrant colours and both achieve the appearance of three dimensional form in both our work. My flowers were inspired by one of his most well known paintings, Vego Nor 1967, taking inspiration from the three dimensional looking dome, creating my own three dimensional looking dome, to appear to protrude out from the flower. It all started from a circle, which I filled with warped lines, infilling the warped squares within this grid with two tones of consecutive colours. To enhance the illusion, I added areas of highlight in the centre of the dome, with areas of shadow around the outer edges of the dome. The outer petals were created using the 8 point Fibonacci spiral I created.

The clear similarities of both our work are the domes, because I studied his work to work out the way he created the illusion of three dimensional form, which I put into practise in my own work. The differences is that fact that it orientated around a flower, which in some of my patterns, were used dozens of times to simply create swirls, which were repeated multiple times to create a more complex pattern, e.g my Vasarely Fibonacci Flower series. My Vasarely Flower Psychedelic Series, connects to the work of Victor Vasarely in a different way, showing a sense of kinetic energy. When ever I look at the psychedelic pattern, I always seem to feel as if its moving, which is thanks to the highlights in the designs. Victor Vasarely was known as the pioneer of kinetic art, with his work showing a powerful optical illusion of movement, which is why my work connects with his.


Victor Vasarely – Vega Nor – 1967
10 Inverted Vassarely Flower Red Sample
Inverted Vasarely Flower Series
11 Vassarely Fibonacci Blue Sample
Vasarely Fibonacci Series
12 Vassarely Flowers Phych Red Sample
Vasarely Flower Psychedelic Series

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