Private View & Images Of The Final Work

The Private view was a very enjoyable evening, receiving allot of positive feedback from peers, tutors and members of the public. People took allot of interest in my origami pot, asking how I did it, telling them in basic terms how I made the pot. Fortunately, a considerable few people did have a look in my book, complementing me on how amazing the designs are and were impressed by the sheer quantity of designs I managed to produce. They were impressed to see the some designs printed as posters, showing the patterns in all its glory. People suggested to me what they felt the patterns could be used for, suggesting for them to be used in wrapping paper, prints, pillow cases, clothes, cards and wallpapers. The patterns in my book were designed to be multi purpose. For example, there were designs that would be perfect for clothes, but too busy and vibrant as a wallpaper. Overall, I am really happy of the outcome of my project and do intend to look into using these patterns the future to make sellable products to sell to places like Native Makers, all more local to me, the Ivybridge Artisan Market.





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