I am a passionate illustrator, photographer and artist, creating patterns inspired by nature and my own imagination. My Final Major Project is a project that I designed around my passions as a artist, which is maths, nature and pattern, so I decided to create patterns combining these elements together. I was truly amazed by the strong connection of maths, art and nature and how they merge with one another, forming something so dynamic and beautiful. One of the most inspiring artists were Victor Vasarely, who produced complex vivid art involving optical illusion and geometry, which I tried to explore in my origami sweet pot designs, in my “Design To Sell” project. Victor Vasarely has been a strong inspiration in my FMP, creating optical illusions as well as achieving three dimensional looking designs. This has been a brilliant project which I hope you will get as much pleasure looking through it as I have been doing the project.

Jordan Martell – JM Imagination Designs