Innovation Challenge – Design Development

Over the last week, I worked on developing concepts and patterns inspired by math’s. I specifically looked fibonacci, trying to understand the how it works, using the fibonacci numbers in different ways. My designs mainly centre around the Golden Spiral, duplicating it and rotating each spiral to a specific degree. I divided 360 degrees, by a number of the Fibonacci Sequence, then replicate and rotate the golden spirals in accordance to that degree.. So far I created a spiral designs involving eight, thirteen and twenty one golden spirals.

  • 8 Spiral – 360 degrees divided by 8 = 45 degrees
  • 13 Spiral – 360 degrees divided by 13 = 29.69 degrees
  • 21 Spiral – 360 degrees divided by 21 = 17.14 degrees

8 Spiral

Golden Spiral - 8 Spiral

This is my first spiral, which simply shows 8 golden spirals I drawn on the computer, which I replicated, rotating each spiral by 45 degrees. This spiral is quite simple, but would look better when filled with colour.

8 Spiral Flipped

Golden Spiral - 8 Spiral Flipped

This is the same 8 Spiral, however this time I replicated the whole spiral and flipped it, so that the spiral interconnects. Doing this has certainly made the spiral look more sophisticated and beautiful, appearing more like a geometric stencil.

13 Spiral

Golden Spiral - 13 Spirals

The next one is my 13 spiral, which I created by duplicating the golden spiral 13 times. I rotated the golden spirals and spaced them by 27.69 degrees. This figure was gained by dividing 360 degrees, a full circle, by 13, giving me 27.69 degrees as the answer. This was more time consuming, however the result looks very neat.

13 Spiral Flipped

Golden Spiral - 13 Spirals Flipped

Similar to “8 Spiral Flipped”, I duplicated the whole spiral and flipped it horizontally, creating a far more sophisticated spiral. What interests me is the centre of this spiral looks like the centre of a sunflower. The centre almost looks three dimensional, which could be enhanced by applying tonal shading.

21 Spiral

Fibonacci Drawing One - 21 Spirals

This is one of the most complex spirals out of all my spiral experiments, involving 21 golden spirals, with 17.14 degrees spacing between each one. When you stair at the centre dot, the arcs radiating out appear like the centre is in a dip, slowly extruding out before going into a dip on the other side. This illusion appears as if there is a doughnut shape at the centre of the spiral.

13 Spiral Flipped

Fibonacci Drawing One - 21 Spirals Flipped

Finally, I decided to duplicate the spiral and flip it horizontally to cross hatch. This has really enhanced the illusion, making the centre appear to stick out. Furthermore, the centre of this shape does have very close resemblance to the centre of a sunflower, connecting maths with nature successfully. I am personally happy with these experiments and will look forward to developing them further.

Innovation Challenge

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Fibonacci Spiral

On the Wednesday 15th March, I had my first Innovation Challenge workshop with Sarah Moore. There we had discussion about ways of creating art using maths. In that discussion, we cover how the Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Ratio can be used in the composition of an art work, especially how it can be used in drawing buildings, characters etc, determining the placement of features, such eyes, breasts and other features. I had a look at how the Fibonacci Sequence effects composition of music, whether it is through the timing of music, the notes played and how the notes are played. I had a discussion with Sarah on that matter, however, I still find it hard to understand at the moment. I will mainly concentrate on creating patterns for my swatch book using the Fibonacci Sequence. Other maths we looked at was geometry and fractals. I will need to do some more research into the Fibonacci Sequence, The Golden Ratio, Phi as well as Fractals, to understand them better, to use it more effectively and accurately in my patterns.