Plymouth Music Zone

Image result for plymouth music zoneImage result for plymouth music zoneI am attending sessions at Plymouth Music Zone in Devon Port, including “Soundtrack” on Wednesdays from 11:30am to 12:30pm, as well as “Digital Orchestra” on Thursdays from 10:30am to 11:30am. These sessions are really benefiting me, teaching me about creating music, including timing and working together as a band. I will be using what I learnt from these sessions to help with creating my musical composition for my Final Major Image result for plymouth music zoneProject. Soundtrack helps me on how to play in a band, whilst Digital Orchestra helps me learn about how to create digital music and work together as a team in time with one another. The good thing is that it is for people like myself, who suffer from disabilities like Asperger Syndrome. They have a dedicated members of staff that are their to encourage and support us, helping us develop confidence and build on our skills as musicians. ¬†Furthermore, it is for people with all abilities, from people who are just starting in music to people who are experienced musicians. I am just getting into music myself and don’t have really any experience, however, they are helping me to learn and get more confident in the musical work I produce.

The reason why music in my opinion connects to maths and pattern, is that pattern design and colour both together can create a mood or atmosphere. Happy music and bright colours and patterns equals an uplifting mood. The purpose of the swatch book is more or less to provide inspiration for decorating interiors, to create a mood/atmosphere you like in the house, room or office, whether bright and vibrant or calm and collective. I will be creating an animated pattern for my musical composition that morphs to the beats and rhythms.  Furthermore, I will be selecting colour schemes, shapes and movements that reflect on the mood /atmosphere, that my song is trying to create.