Extra Designs

Origami Pot Design – Using “Ferns” Design


Selected Posters – The People’s Top Six:

Poster 1 – Fire Flare

Poster 1 - Fire Flare

Poster 2 – Nautilus Red Flare

Poster 2 - Nautilus Red Flare

Poster 4 – Ferns

Poster 4 - Ferns

Poster 6 – Indian Flowers White

Poster 6 - Indian Flowers White

Poster 7 – Leaves

Poster 7 - Leaves

Poster 8 – Plump Cream

Poster 8 - Plump Cream

Posters That Were Not Selected:

Poster 3 – Psychedelic Pink

Poster 3 - Psychedelic Pink

Poster 5 – Peacock Feather Diamonds Cream

Poster 5 - Peacock Feather Diamonds Cream

Poster 8 – Simple Red

Poster 9 - Simple Red


Vasarely Flower Psychedelic Range

This is my last series, which is my most psychedelic series of patterns out of twelve series I produced. They are very colourful and after a while can play with your eyes. I not completely certain if a person would want such a psychedelic pattern on the wall, as some people may not be able to settle in a room well when faced with a psychedelic wallpaper. This pattern would be best suited for patterns for clothing as well as some interior furnishings, like pillow covers. The pattern was created using all the nine different colour Vasarely flowers, layered on top of eachother. I slightly shrunk each flower as I add each layer, creating a rainbow of colours, of what appears to look like wind spinners.

Psychedelic Rainbow

12 Vassarely Fibonacci Rainbow Sample

Psychedelic Blue

12 Vassarely Flowers Phych Blue Sample

Psychedelic Dark Blue

12 Vassarely Flowers Phych Dark Blue Sample

Psychedelic Green

12 Vassarely Flowers Phych Green Sample

Psychedelic Orange

12 Vassarely Flowers Phych Orange Sample

Psychedelic Red

12 Vassarely Flowers Phych Red Sample

Psychedelic Pink

12 Vassarely Flowers Phych Pink Sample

Psychedelic Yellow

12 Vassarely Flowers Phych Yellow Sample

Vasarely Fibonacci Range

The Vasarely Fibonacci Series combines both the influence of Victor Vasarely and Fibonacci, arranging multiple Vasarely flowers along the line of the Golden Spiral. The quantity of swirls within the spiral are also dictated by a number within the Fibonacci Sequence, the number “8”. Maths is the main focus, using the theory of the mathematically legend, Fibonacci to influence the creation of my pattern. The Spirals are beautiful and personally, I feel that this series would be brilliant as a pattern for waistcoats, as the pattern itself is very elaborate. I did not want to have two many colours, so I limited the colour palette to two colours, using both a mix complimentary and consecutive colours.


11 Vassarely Fibonacci Blue Sample


11 Vassarely Fibonacci Green Sample


11 Vassarely Fibonacci Purple Sample


11 Vassarely Fibonacci Yellow Sample


11Vassarely Fibonacci Orange Sample

Vasarely Flower Series

The Vasarely Flower Series is influenced by the work of Victor Vasarely, in particular Vega-Nor – 1967. I created the optical illusion of a three dimensional dome, with the warping of the lines and a tonal gradient from bright highlights to dark shadow detail. I made the dome in Illustrator, placing it in the centre of the Fibonacci flowers, used in the Flower Power Series, creating a new three dimensional looking flower that will make Victor Vasarely proud. To achieve the neon effect, I simply inverted the colours of the flower, creating a beautiful negative image of the design. This is a highly elaborate and vibrant pattern, which would not be suitable for wallpaper, but perhaps for dresses, clothes, as well as textiles for interior furnishings. These are maths orientated patterns, with a essence of nature and a elaborate example of a pattern.


10 Fibonacci Vassarely Flower Orange Sample


10 Fibonacci Vassarely Flower Yellow Sample


10 Inverted Vassarely Flower Blue Sample


10 Inverted Vassarely Flower Green Sample

Grey Scale

10 Inverted Vassarely Flower Greyscale


10 Inverted Vassarely Flower Neon.jpg


10 Inverted Vassarely Flower Purple


10 Inverted Vassarely Flower Red Sample

Flora Series

The Flora Series is my next biggest series, using illustrations of leaves and flowers. This series was the most successful, with one design in particular getting a very good response. “Ferns” is the one design out of the hundred different designs I produced that was voted the best, through my questionnaire and by word of mouth. This design encompasses the greenery of nature and is a effective contemporary repeat pattern. The other two favourites were Indian Flowers White and Leaf Repeat Green. Leaf Repeat Green is the most contemporary design, following the current trend of wallpaper design. I am most pleased with this series, as the experiments with my leaf and flower illustrations has worked well as repeats, with patterns that I would be prepared to have on my own wall.

Autumn Leaves

9 Autumn Leaves

Simple Fern Repeat

9 Fern Repeat


9 Ferns

Fibonacci Leaf Clusters

9 Fibonacci Leaf Clusters

Flower Chaos

9 Flower Chaos

Indian Flowers Cream

9 Indian Flower Cream

Indian Flowers White

9 Indian Flower White

Leaf Repeat Cream

9 Leaf Repeat Cream.jpg

Leaf Repeat Green

9 Leaf Repeat Green.jpg


9 Leaves.jpg